Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good enough to eat

Everyone is familiar with the awakening, like cauliflower, broccoli, artichokes, and other ornamental plants, most of which were used in the kitchens of cultures around the world for thousands of years. The Romans were interested in them, as the ancient Chinese writing, and speaking of medieval European reindeer Christmas with daisies violets in salads and cooked
Use spicy nasturtium flowers fragrant rose petals in salads and desserts that you also have:
• Shooting Hostas young spinach as an alternative - Hostakopita Greek spinach pie made hosts of seeds and nori maki sushi in Japan is Hosta boiled cabbage, marinated in sauce, sugar, salt and soy. They may also want a pair of asparagus. Use only shooting young, but old leaves too hard.
• Hemerocallis - Daylily - flowers and buttons have a sweet, interesting and beautiful, salads (do not use other types of lilies, but they are poisonous!)
• Violets and pansies - flowers and sweet fragrance can be used in salads, desserts, and drinks can be crystallized for cake decorating.
• Sunflowers - We all know that you can eat the seeds, but you know that you can eat the buds and petals. The petals have a sweet-sour taste, and can be used in salads Closed flower buds can be steamed and taste of artichokes.
• Lila-flowers floral aroma, a bit of lemon and can be used in salads
• honeysuckle-sweet taste of honey and flowers can also be used as a topping for salads and desserts. (Do not eat the berries, but because they are toxic.)
• Fuchsia - bright colors look great as a garnish;
• Bell - narrow leaves in salads for a soft
• Yucca - white flowers crisp thick texture and sweet taste. Attention among the thorns at the tips of the leaves, picking good!
• Typha - Cattail - young shoot tastes like water chestnuts and root can be eaten raw or cooked or dried and ground into flour.
• Even modest chamomile and dandelion can be collected and used as a garnish lawn.
NB: It is good to use some of the more unusual edible plants in the park, but make sure that you are not sure what they are, and how many of our common garden plants are toxic. If in doubt, do not.
Also, never use pesticides and chemical plants that you can eat, and do not forget to wash them first to get rid of insects.

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