Saturday, November 3, 2012

What is the word on the street ... Cleveland Street?

What is the word on the street ...
Cleveland Street?
By Angela LeMay - Publisher
Tampa Bay Informer "The Daily Gospel"
For those of you who do not burn, acting "Frozen Yogurt."
So what's the problem? Not frozen, because the 70's, yogurt around. This is what I thought until I tried Caliyogurt here-Yo, seems nothing like the features too sweet taste of the brand of plastic.
I have not tried anything so delicious as always honest and here-Yo Caliyogurt located in the center of the city, in 519 CLEARWATER Cleveland Street. It is very surprising to me, because I'm not a big fan of ice cream. I eat ice cream only three times a year, I think my friends and I love ice cream strange. Now I want Caliyogurt. I was relieved to find that this brand Pie Frozen Yogurt is a natural and healthy fat, and there are live active cultures
After extensive research, I found that the back and forth-Yo «long» was held in California, California. 2005, it was a place where the owner Philippe Park Caliyogurt discovered the delicious flavor and cream of tartar. Being an entrepreneur Philip the opportunity to create their own brand, and here-Yo, is now available in stores Caliyogurt.
When asked why he decided to open a store in downtown Clearwater, Philip laughed and said: "It was quite by accident," Developed Gendusa me joy and a member of the Partnership from downtown Clearwater, Tampa, described the situation as a dessert after dinner at a nearby restaurant Joy - . Said Philip began to come regularly to shop, "almost every day" He then started his other friends and colleagues, Jennifer Lindsay, Debbie Ward, Shannon Johnson and others, including CLEARWATER enjoy them here-Yo.
Karla Jo Helms said she brought her fridge just to get food Caliyogurt CLEARWATER. Finally, the club began to urge fans to open a new center CLEARWATER Caliyogurt address the troops. How could I resist?
Several months were spent on repairs Cleveland Street who enjoy itself. Philip has worked with Jennifer Lindsay, an artist and project manager Jennifer Lindsay drawings (, to create a modern and beautiful store in the center
Clearwater. "We use organic food store, our lands, and personalized
Counters recycling glass and mirrors ... We have already mentioned in a wave of "The Wall", a bit low-voltage lighting and the environment, and others. We decided to create a healthy environment in which to enjoy our food products that we have achieved this goal, "proudly said Jennifer Lindsay

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